Hello, I'm the bee

Born in Italy 30 years ago with a big passion of art and design I grew up focusing on any kind of creative job, I use to be an illustrator, a children's fashion stylist a UX/UI designer, I also attempt to become a tattooist (for now I'm a very beginner) but my big passion remain create art.

As a bee that can create something special and magical as honey with passion and sacrifice I want try to do the same with my artworks: exploring human emotions, looking in the deep ego to find weaknesses, passions and strength inspired by the lessons of Buddhism and the connections with the psychoanalysis and of course taking inspiration from my-messi-self.

Growing up with the great Japanese manga artist as Hayao Miyazaki, Akira Toriyama and Rumiko Takahashi my style been very influences, in fact my technique has evolved over the years but always remain closely tied to the clean style of the black ink, the lines has always had a great fascination on me. Although I am a huge admirer of the great painters of the past and present who know how to give life with the colours I think I can do it best with their absence.