Few months ago I moved from Berlin to the small Valpolicella in the countryside of Verona.

This beautiful land is the home of some of the most famous wine in the world as Amarone or Valpolicella Superiore. Everywhere you turn there is a breathtaking landscape of vineyard. Most of the people here are really into to grape and wine production. So I let myself be influenced from this atmosphere creating an illustration that takes the name of one of the most important periods of the year for the production of wine: Vendemmia (grape harvest)

This illustration is available in many sizes, supports and custom colors


Bags €15
 iPhone 5/5s, Rigid case 3D print €19
 iPhone 6/6plus, Rigid case 3D print €24


 A4 print €25

 40x50cm shipping to Italy only €35
— 50x70cm — shipping to Italy only — €50