I need some sugar in my bowl

I need some sugar in my bowl

How can we not compare ourselves with others in years like these where the appearance is more important than being?

It’s normal that sometimes we feel in blue, a strong and sad feeling of loneliness and incapacity to stay in line with the rest of the world, the impossibility to see right inside us doesn't help, but what we can't see it's perfectly visible in the eyes of who love us. Can be just one person or thousand of people this doesn't mater, what is important is keep them near to us because they can lift up our potential with their company and sweetness. I don't want give my best for the world, but I want give all my best for the people I love and can see the real me.

The title of this illustration was taken from a beautiful song of Nina Simone "I need some sugar in my bowl."

Gicleé inkjet prints on Hahnemühle German Etching paper 310gr. 
This illustration is available with or without background color!

Sizes available: 

- 29 x 59cm,  price €25

- 39,80 x 59,94cm,  price €35

- 69 x 49cm,  price €60

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