Antò fa caldo!

Antò fa caldo!

Buona fortuna con il vostro Antonio questa estate!


"Anto fa caldo" if you had the luck to been born in Italy you don't need any explanation, but if you did not probably I own you one: in fact this is a famous Italian ad's claim of the early 2000s

In summary: it's summer and we are in a room with a woman and a man with a strong south accent and they are in the bed all sweating for the hit. The man attempt a move to seduce the lover, but the beautiful woman impatiently rejects him few times with a strong "Antó it's too hot", then the clever and horny Antonio finds a brilliant solution and brings to her companion a bottle of iced tea and then... you can guess.

Needless to say this ad had become a national torment, and wherever you were in the summer, you could hear in every corner some girls teasing their boyfriends with the phrase that was a threat and an invitation at the same time!

If you want to see the spot with sub find it here on youtube!